And that’s okay.ย 

Every day we see a different reflection of ourselves. Today my brain has been through a tidal wave of emotions and thoughts, and all I did was wake up, eat some food, speak to friends and family, drive to a new place and learn some new things. I can’t begin to imagine what’s been happening inside your unique mind. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to scroll through your life and say ‘stop right there, I want to know what I was thinking that day’. I believe the only way to discern the way you saw the world in the past is through writing. Six months ago I wrote to myself; 
‘I’ve realised I have no firm opinions on almost anything. Thankyou travelling.’ 

This is one thing that is consistently resonating with me. It’s extremely difficult to come to terms with this in society; we are told that if we stand for nothing, we will fall for anything. However, more and more I’m living in a space of vulnerability, an absence of ego, a place of constant questioning. 

There is not a solution to all of the questions. Everything is complex and interconnected. I don’t think I’m going to change the world in one big slam like my teenage self was assured. There are issues which are meaty and full of dirty fat. And that’s okay. 

There are people who are sure they have all the answers and understand the foundations which the human race are built upon. And that’s okay. 

There are parts of the brain that are irrational and uncontrollable in yourself and others. And that’s okay. 

There are people who are going to disagree with you and intimidate you. And that’s okay. 

There are greedy people who are reaping the earth of its treasures. And that’s okay. 
There are a million and two things you could be doing to better yourself as a global citizen. And that’s okay. 

Propaganda and BBC and politically charged acquaintances and advertisements are telling you contradictory information. And that’s okay. 
I’m more confused than ever before. There’s advice and information everywhere that is so difficult to channel into a personal set of beliefs. I don’t understand anything. I’m open and vulnerable and constantly seeking the truth. And I’m absolutely sure that this is development. ๐Ÿ“–


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