Mid Trip Memories

Belly laughing, hair in the wind, cold water plunges, pink cheeks, new speak, stripping comfort zones and mutual understanding. Linking hands and spinning circles in a blur of darkness and neon city lights. Downward dogs at dusk. Silhouettes of surfboards silently carried on heads past a painted haze of jagged rocks and white foam. Medicinal laughter echoing from valleys, slides, night time games, the ocean and our ever-changing home for the night. Sharing souls and contemplating the composition of our beliefs by the fire with friends from every corner of the globe. A baby whale lurching out of the water absorbing the wonder of the wild world just near our kayaks. Hurtling out of a plane soaked with incredulity, adrenaline and trust. Chasing birds, dreams and tides, all moments hanging in time. Red ochre, crystal pink and jet black sands leaching through the mountains on rainbow beach. Stretching out and feeling toes in the dirt, scratches on legs and full bellies. Sunrises that inject strength, empathy and unity into your veins. Sunsets so brilliant they are burnt into the mind, experienced with friends and sealed for all time. 

This is the real thing, the flesh and blood and chances taken and strikes missed, mistakes felt and awkwardness embraced. Let’s keep it real. 


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