North Keppel Island Conservation 

Always Write On A Full Moon

 That’s my new deal with the universe. These years and months and moments are so pregnant with fresh experiences, people, stories, and whirlwinds of emotion at the moment. I feel compelled to transfer what’s running through my veins into ink on paper. We know the pace of life goes through ebbs and flows. When there’s nothing happening in comparison to now, there is still so much wonder in the world. Finding gems and sparks in the seemingly mundane, keeping a record of your thoughts, positions and routine, expanding, learning, growing and changing. We always have a reason to write when that full moon looms over our lives. 

Describe five days in paradise. Silhouettes of jagged mountains on the horizon floating in brilliant fuchsia that fades into navy and climbs into a crystal clear blue so expansive that you are shaken into remembrance of what we are part of. A full moon plays tag with the sun and the days roll by with sunrise walks leaving stress behind in your footprints, ocean swims in still waters with smooth snaking currents, satisfying work that rewards you with connection with the environment rather than dollars and things, pondering through palm trees awkward in height like teenage boys and late night fires knitted with the togetherness of a community group. 
There is something insatiably grounding about being and seeing on a small sand island. We’ve swapped artificial light for the sun and moon, hard pavements with sand and crackling dry palm fronds, moisturizer for deet, the sound of sirens and alarms with those of lapping shores and curlew birds, retail work with conservation work, pens with gloves, screens with sheraids and conversation and gyms with beaches and rock hopping. We’ve switched uni lecturers and textbooks with the world as a classroom, beds with bags, showers with ocean plunges, doors and walls with zippers and canvas, clocks with light and confinement with space and freedom. There is a blindingly shimmering layer of light swathed over the water acting like a comforting barrier from the mainland. Marine protection zones surround us, fires are banned and campers restricted, the introduced possum population is close to being eradicated and the National Parks and the North Keppel Island Environmental Education Centre work in harmony to ensure the native purity of this space.

This week, our ten bodies have weeded and trimmed, raked and snipped, collected rubbish and debris, layed down pavement and ramps and given a valuable hand to the sustainability of North Keppel Island whilst adding an invaluable understanding of how to play a responsible part in our environment. 
After all, we’ve got a heck of a long time to shape the part we want to play! I would prefer if we asked how many years we have left rather than how old we are. I have seventy six years left until a century and get that letter from the queen. It’s puts into perspective how many things we can do! I want to climb Mont Blanc, teach English in Korea, become fluent in Spanish, live with monks, ride around the world, fall in love, adopt a child, see the Great Wall and the northern lights and learn more about history and politics and study law and help with the plight of the refugees and the world and document Nana’s life and organize my trip to Mongolia and visit and know everyone and everything and then do it all over again ! And the really cool part about ability and entitlement and choice is that we can. 

Shall add more pics soon !


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