Learning Journeys 

Lately I’ve realised I have no worries in the world. I consciously seek no drama and receive almost none in return. This seems to be the fuel for many fires and minds. Once it is out of the picture, it allows you to peel back that toxic layer and focus on your reality with a fresh lens. It must be different for everyone, but for me it all boils down a pretty simple concept. 
What am I here for if I’m not here to learn ? 

To learn about people and emotions and places and cultures and history what characterises me and nature and love and thoughts and empathy and war and peace and life on earth. In the past week I have been on a learning journey with nine other special individuals. We have learnt about sea cucumbers and koala brains, aboriginal cultural practises, types of coral, flight delays, the Aussie tropics, homesickness, foreign fruits and words and music, geography, iron men, trusting ropes and directions. We are learning about one another’s passions and drives, strengths and weaknesses, backgrounds, personality traits and stretch zones. There have been awkward and vulnerable moments, and I applaud every one of us for embracing this challenge of opening up. It is unique to be on an experiential journey in unity with others. So often in life we are on different journeys; we have little time for others, follow separate paths and often keep our overall goals to ourselves. The first time I experienced a co-journey was on the Camino de Santigo pilgrimage on Spain, where I no longer felt that people asked questions without caring to know the answer. People left their routine and their minds were awakened to themselves and those around them. We shared hardships and even had the same end goal of reaching Santiago de Compostela. Here, we are together 24/7, and the vibe is very similar. Our group have been ripped from the regular, scooped out of the pressures and conventionality of the rat race. We are effectively being given the keys to the box. We can choose to become detached from student loans and bullying and fears and expectations. We are allowed to slow down time with our consciousness and regroup, reflect and remember what this century means to each one of us. A few days ago in cairns we all stood atop a fifty metre /one hundred and sixty foot bridge and smiled out to the wide ocean before plunging into nothing and everything all at once. It was scary and exhilarating, just like many day to day moments when you’re learning more about this wonderful world of ours. Just as I am a quarter of the way through my expected life on earth, we are a quarter of the way through this journey down the east coast together. However, I think we already know it’s going to last a whole lot longer than that. 


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