To The Next Adventure

Today I am riding in three magical flying machines. I have been gazing at silk woven clouds bursting with golden sunlight, the softest ripples in the ocean that connects us all, the veins running through mighty dunes, misty mountain ranges, farmland sliced and diced into manipulated patterns, scoops of wild wilderness with green trees curled tightly as cornrows and chatting to an international horticulturist. We are moving so fast and so high that the world seems to be frozen in time below.

I’m holding a token of jade on my necklace, farewelling one adventure for the next. 

Diving in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula has been etched on the bucket list for a few years, so I’ve booked a sun drenched liveaboard open water dive course over the next week in Cairns to help realise that goal in the future. I don’t think I could feel happier about the general movement of this life. I am working for passionate people with a vision of empowerment, have found a community that allows us to be open and vulnerable, I am living a transient lifestyle of change and adrenaline and have the scope to help others realise their abilities and opportunities. For the first time ever, I can somewhat visualise myself a few years down the line, and I am buzzing with what I see.


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