Hiking Wilsons Promontory

Family Fun in Wilsons Prom
We’ve stepped into the south east corner of Australia and out of reality. This peninsula is a pocket of paradise; shimmering water that magnifies your toes and massages your feet, orange flecked boulders playing tetris over pearl white sand, crabs clicking in their trillions, trees that are alive with blood red sap and shedding skin, a squiggly line of coast that represents your heartbeat; up rapid inclines and through meandering flats. We stayed the night at the dramatic Wilsons Prom lighthouse and wished Gui happy birthday with clinking glasses over the most colourful sunset a human could ever hope to witness. I woke before dawn to whips of blinding lightening that frightened my tiny body underneath the blanketed layers of almighty mother nature, and now sit shielding my face from the sun just a few hours into the day. We are here with our family plus two adopted members, Anneliese and Gui. Six degrees of separation is playing its part, and we just met a family friend of the Keyser girls we cycled Tassie with. The corrugated iron roof is creaking and stretching, and I better go and see what this new day has in store. 


I am propped up with a belly full of couscous and coffee, squatting at the Rangers station at Sealers Cove, watching the sun setting between the saddles, leaves winking at us from high branches, the sea reflecting the sun like malleable mercury and waves lapping a melody. Daniel and Anneliese have set up camp on the verandah next to me, eating spoonful’s of nutella and planning to never return home. Mum and Dad are enjoying their third time down here in eighteen months. Gui and I are loving being off the bikes and away from the roads, and are scheming plans of Buddhist retreats, island work and tinder manipulation for free meals. The tracks have been quiet and serene, through ferns and black blackboys, over numerous adrenaline installing tiger snakes, past the occasional walker, beneath gums and scrambling mossy boulders. We swim in every bay and cove, looking for the Wilson ball from castaway amongst the rocks. We hike in swimmers, hats and boots, streaming with sweat and sunscreen. Life is simple, hot and hungry followed by refreshed and full. We’ve hiked from Tidal River to Oberon Bay, the lighthouse, Little Waterloo Bay, Refuge Cove and here to Sealers Cove. We will walk out tomorrow, dropping our packs to run up Mount Oberon and gain some eagle eye perspective of what we’ve been up to this week. 



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